J Hale Photography | About
J Hale Photography features fine art photography by brothers Jim and Jerry Hale. Jim lives on the Central California Coast and his photography captures mostly Western images. Jerry lives in the low country of South Carolina and his photography captures images mostly from the Southeast and Midwest.

The brothers have always been outdoorsmen. They love nature, hiking, camping, and fishing. They also grew up with frequent trips to the beach and they share a love of the ocean and coastal areas. Landscape photography is a perfect way for them to fuse their passions for photography with their love of the outdoors.

Their approach to art is simple. They believe art should be evocative and want their photographs to act as strong memory triggers, evoking reminiscences of peoples’ experiences. They also want their art to shape the
viewers' thoughts and actions so that one of their photos of a waterfall, a meadow, a beach, or a bay will prompt the viewer to directly experience nature, go for hike, a scenic drive, or a day at the beach.

The demands of daily life often make us miss the beauty in common surroundings. Jim and Jerry search for the splendor of a hayfield, the beauty of a dilapidated barn, or the majesty of a culture where others might only see the toil of the day's work. In the same way the brothers are captivated by the detail or simplicity in the architecture of a church or cathedral while worshipers may recognize the aesthetics but miss the uniqueness.